Welcome to Blooming Marketers!  My name is Cindy Bloom and I am excited you stopped by!

I got started online in 2011 as an internet marketer and found immediate success. I invested time and thousands of dollars to learn new skills and investing in new products. I learned so much about Blogging, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website building, that I started teaching people in my network. People could not get enough and that is when I started my first coaching course. I realized that I enjoyed coaching and consulting, so now I do that in addition to being part of an amazing Internet Company.

When people ask me what we do, I tell them  I wear many hats.  At Blooming Marketers I teach individuals and or groups everything  and anything related to Social Media. I also can help you discover the many ways to earn extra or full time income on your time!

Contact me and lets get your Business Blooming!  I hope to hear from you soon,  Cindy Bloom 🙂

Blooming Marketers has recently become involved  in a National, soon to be Global campaign that is informing men and women all over the world about the harmful effects that today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies.

Please take the time to discover the facts.  CLICK HERE