Cherish Pads or as I call it the Dry Pad!

Cherish Pads Day TimeWith Cherish Pads you are going to love the way you feel because we have finally developed a pad, like no other, that will keep you dry. Women have been dealing with sub standard products for years, and up until now we had no other choices.  Sure we had organic pads, but as you can see from my demonstration, they don’t keep you dry!

As one of our CEO put it, Apple came out with the IPAD, Nspire Network introduces the DRY-PAD or the Cherish Pads You have to see it to believe it so watch the video and prepare to be amazed!

Cherish Pads Review

My best friend is extremely allergic to pads. She discovered that she had become allergic after her second baby.  She has tried everything, but even the organic pads caused a terrible reaction.  She just had her 4th baby and of course was dreading after because she is out of options as to what she can use.   I send her a couple of Cherish Pad to try out and she was completely WOWED!  She did NOT have any reaction!

She is so happy that finally there is a safe product that she can use, that she is not allergic to and that keeps her comfortable and dry for so long!  She said she believe in this product and will be a customer for life


Williamsburg, VA

When I word my pads I was very pleased to find that I did not mess up my clothes for the first time!! Also, I could barely feel it on.  More importantly, I didn’t have any pains like I’m used to having.  I’ll never go back to anything else!!


New Castle, Delaware

Since the launch and having the opportunity to purchase Cherish Pads, I have not used any other sanitary napkins.  I am in love with the product.  It has helped with my cramping in my stomach and legs. Has shortened my cycle from 7 days to a 4 day cycle.  I have one day of a heavy flow and then the next 3 days are light days. No longer have to feel itchy and irritated which is one more reason I hated wearing pads.


New Castle, Delaware

Cherish is the answer to my prayers!  From the time I started my period at the age 9, I’ve always had horribly painful periods that have gotten progressively worse over the years and unfortunately, as my family and friends can attest, the crampier I was, the crankier I was toward everyone around me. That’s embarrassing to admit, but true.  i don’t know how these work, all I know is what a difference these pads have made in my life … my excruciatingly painful cramps are GONE so I’m FAR LESS cranky now (which my family and frieds greatly appreciate!) Plus, the pads are so soft and keep me so much drier that I don’t get that awful post-period rash anymore.  And as if all that wasn’t enough of a blessing, my period is 2-3 days shorter than usual by using these pads!  HALLELUJAH!!! All I can say is … Periods no longer interfere with living my life to the fullest.  I LOVE Cherish Pad and I will NEVER use anything else ever again!!! Thank you so much for making the most comfortable sanitary pads in the world… I just can’t stop telling everyone about these!!


Atlanta, GA

Cherish Pads keep you dry!

Why is it so important for us women to stay dry?  Well, besides the obvious uncomfortableness of the pads, most women do not realize the major health issue! Did you know that most pads today are made of discarded paper, wood pulp or trash, bleaching agents, fluorescence and hydroxides, which will yield a by product called Dioxin. Dioxins are environmental pollutants. According the the World Health Organization, dioxins belong to the the so call “dirty dozen” a group of dangerous chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPS).  Long term exposure can cause reproductive and developmental problems, impairs the immune system, interferes with hormones and causes cancer.

When a pad is moist or wet, in a dark place where the temperature is about 98.6 degrees,  you have a MAJOR BREEDING GROUND for bacteria and infection, which goes directly back into the women’s blood stream.  Not to mention the chemical Dioxin, that is released directly into a women’s blood.

NOW WE NO Cherish PadsThe Now We No Campaign and Nspire Network are finally making women aware of things I personally did not not know, and quite frankly it upset me.  Which is why i decided to become an awareness expert, and help inform women and show them they have a better choice now with Cherish Pads.

Cherish Premium Pads are designed with 8 layers to help keep you dry and feeling fresh!  Our pads, while very thin, are made up of a an absorbent and safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than any other pads.  It holds more the 300 times its own weight. The unique negative ion strip, has many proven benefits.  Check out some testimonies or reviews to your left!

So what are the 8 layers of Nspire Networks Cherish Pads? 

  • 1st layer is soft cotton
  • 2nd layer is the all-natural negative ion strip
  • 3rd layer is air aid paper that provides additional protection
  • 4th layer super absorbent and safe polymer
  • 5th layer is an enhance flow layer designed to prevent reverse percolation. ( Simply meaning it moves moisture away from the body)
  • 6th layer is an additional air laid paper to reinforce and lock in dryness
  • 7th layer is a micro perforated breathable bottom
  • 8th layer is the release paper that contains custom developed, agricultural grade adhesive for security

So where can you buy our Cherish Pads?

Purchases can be made through an Nspire Network Awareness Expert like me! Now there are many advantages to joining our team. The first is that you will be able to impact lives all over the world, and make money while doing so.  The cost to start up your own business is just $35 dollar.  This is an amazing opportunity because everyone wants the pads.  Why not take advantage and share it with you friend family.  Looking for more information on how to become an Awareness Expert and take advantage of our income opportunity?

CLICK HERE  and don’t wait because everyone wants Cherish Pads.

To order product CLICK HERE  and select which product you want!  I will get in contact with you on how to complete and pay for your product.  All Cherish Pads are 5 dollars each, plus shipping and handling!  So what are you waiting for ORDER NOW!