Sanitary pads are a way of life for women. They for they need to know the facts about the dioxins

Typically, we use what our mothers used, never even thinking about the risks involved. sanitary pad dangers It has been discovered, there are risks. Conventional sanitary pads are bleached white using chlorine dioxide, which contain toxins. A woman will use as many as 17,000 feminine products in her lifetime. Most of the women’s sanitary products on the market today are made out of a cotton and rayon blend, which needs to be bleached so that it gets that clean white sterile look.The EPA banned a more harmful bleaching process back in 1998, however current elemental “chlorine-free” bleaching processes using chlorine dioxide still produce dioxins.

According to Wikipedia, the dioxin definition is:

Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds, a diverse range of chemical compounds which are known to exhibit “dioxin-like” toxicity

The EPA’s own research has concluded that dioxin exposure is linked with an increased cancer risk; and when you consider the delicate area where you’re these items, the cause for concern becomes even more concerning. Yes you heard that correctly, the dioxin effects can be linked to serious complications.

There are several risks connected with exposure to dioxins including cancer and immune issues.

Exposure to dioxins for women can increase the risk for pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can cause major reproductive issues. Other risks include endometriosis, where the uterus tissue forms outside of the uterus in a painful condition that may also cause infertility.


The EPA and FDA have differing opinions on the exposure of dioxins.

The FDA says low-level exposure is acceptable. And, since we’re all being exposed to dioxins in the air and water at very low doses, it makes sense they would say this. But, the EPA says otherwise, stating that no acceptable level of dioxin exposure is safe, particularly because of the cumulative effect and its exceptionally slow disintegration time. Repeated exposure to dioxins—as is the case with monthly use—may increase the risks for health issues associated with these types of toxins


While manufacturers are asked by the FDA to routinely test their products for contamination of  dioxins, a 2005 study found seven major brands of sanitary pads had detectable levels of dioxins.   Thats why I am so passionate about the Now We No Campaign and Cherish sanitary napkins for women  Now We No

We now have choices when it comes to feminine hygiene product because we have been educated. Once women knows these facts, that can stand up and say NO. Help us spread the word, by joining our Now We Movement, which is a national campaign, dedicated to informing both men and women the dangers that standard sanitary pads have on women today.

Introducing Cherish™ Sanitary Pads. free of dioxins, organic and absorbent! A no toxin napkin!

  • Cherish sanitary pads FIRST LAYER. The first layer is 100% pure cotton.  Most top brands use synthetic petrochemical materials.  These petrochemical materials may irritate sensitive skin and cause discomfort.  Also, they do not let the skin breathe, which increases the risk of bacteria growth. They are chosen by manufacturers because of their cheaper production costs.
  • SECOND LAYER. The 2nd layer is the all-natural negative ion strip.  Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air,  and sunlight.  That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated with the benefits of negative ions.  A Professor of Physiology at Harvard University calls negative ions the  “Vitamins of the Air”.  Cherish premium sanitary pads include negative ion technology which has been proven to balance pH and hormone levels, helps protect against germs and bacteria,  helps to reduce inflammation, fights against vaginal irritations and infections, and may reduce unwanted odor.
  • THIRD LAYER. The 3rd layer is airlaid paper that provides additional protection from unwanted leaks.
  • FOURTH LAYER. The 4th layer is an amazing, super-absorbent and safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than  and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid!
  • FIFTH LAYER. The 5th layer is an enhanced flow layer that has been specially designed to prevent reverse percolation.  In other words, it conveniently absorbs and moves dampness away from the body.
  • SIXTH LAYER. The 6th layer is an additional layer of airlaid paper to reinforce and lock in the dryness women need and desire.
  • SEVENTH LAYER. The 7th layer is a micro-perforated, breathable bottom that promotes the flow of fresh air, limiting and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • EIGHT LAYER. The 8th layer is the release paper that contains an agricultural grade adhesive for security.  Many manufacturers use construction grade glue as an adhesive, again, harmful both to our women and the environment.

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Cherish Sanitary pads

Now there is a safe alternative to the current sanitary pads hazards.  With Cherish pads you are guaranteed a product that is safe and free dioxins and toxins.