I have been on line now for a over 5 years!

I know I will never go back to a traditional job because I love having the freedom that the INTERNET has given me. I have a clear vision!

I had a bit of a set back a few months ago and had to really dig deep to see how I could really help more people.

You see, when I first started on line, it was to make some part time income as a stay at home mom.

To my surprise I was able to do that and much more in a short time.  I had months where I would make anywhere from $2,000  a month to $10,000 but it was never consistent because I lacked DUPLICATION. I was frustrated and had to do a lot of thinking to really see what my vision was and how to make it happen!

Now being in the industry I realize that it is not just about ME making money, it is HELPING OTHERS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS…  when I realized that my vision became clear!

My vision is quite simple, help others and the rest will come.  That is when I started my coaching and training, as well as building website, and editing video.  So if you need so help with you business, reach out to me.  Send me an email at Cindy@bloomingmarketers.com